Absence Reporting Procedure

It is imperative that you call the student attendance line (203-655-1323, then press #3) by 8:25 am each day that your child is not in school. If you know it is an extended absence, one phone call with all the dates is sufficient. Whether your child is ill our out of town, the school needs to be notified. For the safety of all our students, failure to call the student attendance line will result in the school calling to notify you that your child is not in school and has been reported by his/her teacher. Calling your child’s teacher is a nice courtesy, but the office needs to be notified first thing in the morning. A homework request may be picked up in the office at the end of the school day for every two consecutive missed days of school.

Arriving to school on time is important in beginning the day successfully. However, if your child is tardy, he/she must report to the office to sign in prior to entering the classroom.

Absences should be called in first thing in the morning so that our children are safely accounted for. After classroom attendance has been taken and sent to the office, a check will be made against the absences phoned in to the school. In any case of absence where there has been no notification by the parent, contact will be made with the home to verify the absence.